New Habits

I have been inspired lately to change a lot of my habits and to start to think about where I would like my life to go?  Let me tell you that is very scary!!  I am one of those people that when I was asked “what are your interests?” all I came up with was a bit of a blank.   I started to feel a little lost and apart from being a mum (which don’t get me wrong, was the best thing that ever happened to me) I felt I was nothing.  In reality I am so much more and not nothing but I needed to remember this so I decided to change the only thing I could,  ME!!!

I had to really take time to think about how I wanted to make these changes and what changes I wanted to make and I came up with the best way for me and how I work and this is with a routine and under pressure!  Well I have the pressure already, adding on any tasks to a family with 3 kids is pressure enough.  So I just needed to organise a routine of all the things that I wanted to change in my life, and what were the things that I wanted to change??

House – One thing about our household is that I have always kept a clean house but not tidy house! running around after the girls all the time I just decided that a tidy house was a sign of a wasted life.  Well while I held this view my husbands was very different and caused some tension which was really quite easy to remedy I had then stumbled across, The Organised Housewife’s 20 day challenge this has helped me to cull and organise my whole house in 20 days today is day 16 and the change in both the house and tension has been dramatic!!!  There is no more tension the girls did not feel victimised and the best thing is it was easy to do and maintain.  I would 100% recommend you have a look.

Other things that I have a routine for include; Craft, Skincare, Health, Work and Family Time.
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